specialized virtual training

separation anxiety

Does your dog panic every time you put on your shoes to leave your home? Do you feel guilty going out, even if it's just for a few minutes? Do you miss out on plans with friends and family because you don't want to leave your dog alone?

We have good news. Spot On Training is launching a new Remote Separation Anxiety Training Program! Using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, we are able to assess your dog and conduct training sessions no matter where you live.

How it works:

Our program works through systematic desensitization. Basically, you are making an agreement with your dog to never leave them alone longer than they can handle. Working with a trainer remotely through video technology allows you to receive regular feedback and individualized daily training missions. It’s a gradual process, so your trainer works with you closely and makes adjustments to the program based on your dog’s responses to the missions.

What's included:

Behavior assessments include a personalized behavior modification plan for you, continued email support, Spot On Training articles and handouts, and a clicker (if applicable).

How much does it cost?

  • Includes free initial conversation
    • Two full hours of training per week
    • Weekly video conference for reassessing your dog
    • Training program updated daily according to needs

Get started

See our calendar to schedule an initial conversation with one of our CSAT-certified trainers.


When we first adopted our rescue, Daisy, our hands were full. She had severe separation anxiety which resulted in noise complaints from our neighbors, potty accidents, and a chewed up mattress. That’s when Toni came to our rescue! With her help, we were able to leave Daisy peacefully asleep on the couch for hours at a time. Even throughout the pandemic, we’ve relied on the tools Toni gave us to reduce Daisy’s dependence on us being home. We highly recommend Toni and her team. The entire experience was extremely pawsitive!!