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Spot On Training stands for positive-based training with evidence-based outcomes, for dogs who thrive and are happy and healthy.

What is a CSAT?

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) is the best option available for helping your dog deal with separation anxiety. CSATs offer virtual training, so no matter where you live they can work with your dog remotely and come up with solutions for your dog’s separation anxiety.

Why Hire a CSAT?

In addition to my 17 years as a certified dog trainer I am also a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT).  CSATs engage in over three months of additional intensive study of the treatment of separation anxiety, involving over 100 hours of instruction, high level coursework and exams.    

we do more than basic training!

Our Remote Separation Anxiety Training Program allows us to assess your dog when there’s no one home, as well as conduct training sessions no matter where you live.

These 90-minute workshops include a 30-minute virtual orientation and a 60-minute in-person training class (limit: 3 dogs). Workshops focus on life-saving cues, like emergency recall, as well as more relaxed cues, like fun dog tricks.

Old dog, new tricks

New dog, old tricks?

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